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X-ray Testing

X-ray Testing

X-rays have been used by physicians everywhere to diagnosis a variety of medical conditions. Standard x-rays function by transmitting ionized radiation through an X-ray tube. After this energy touches the part of the body selected for examination, it is then absorbed on camera (analog or digital), creating a picture. On the image, dense areas such as bones appear in shades of white light gray, and areas that don’t absorb radiation are a dark gray.

This tool is especially useful in the case of bone and joint disease commonly related to Rheumatology. It is not enough for a physician to simply assess the symptoms of a patient. The most effective treatment options can be created with accurate and detailed diagnosis. Our doctors can precisely assess the present bone damage to help diagnose your condition, in conjunction with other lab testing. This is not an invasive procedure and there is minimal discomfort. However if you are pregnant, please alert your physician.

X-rays typically take about 15 minutes. For your convenience, our office maintains experienced x-ray technicians and state-of-the-art x-ray equipment. This minimizes the time it takes for your physician to examine your results and provides additional insight into treatment options.

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